Dampproofing Johannesburg

Welcome to Damp proofing Johannesburg we are experts, experienced waterproofing installers. We create and designs waterproofing solutions for customers for a good price.

Top Quality Water Proofing Johannesburg
Top Quality Water Proofing Johannesburg

At Damp proofing Johannesburg we a business that has been around for 15 years now in building and constructing waterproofing system to help protect your house from leakages of water and water coming in the basement damaging your property. We have done many projects all over the country pleasing all clients on all projects done.

Is your roof letting water in the house through the roof?

Does your hotel or business need new waterproofing systems?

At Water Proofing Johannesburg we bring innovative minds together to creatively design a whole new waterproofing solutions for businesses and households with unique skills possessed by professionals who enjoy their work and will never be done unless the customer is fully satisfied.

For better Damp proofing Services call us now and get a free quote!

Water Proofing Johannesburg
Water Proofing Johannesburg

At Water Proofing Johannesburg our services are designed to suit every customer needs because all our skills are of superiority. Our standards are high and we have managed to keep delivering quality standards to beat competition.

Other following types of services:

  • Waterproofing services
  • Condensation prevention
  • Restoration
  • Rising Damp
  • Structural waterproofing
  • Car park system
  • Hot melt
  • Mastic asphalt
  • Basement waterproofing services
  • Metal roofing / wall cladding
  • Pitched roofing
  • Eco roofing

At Dampproofing Johannesburg we a company that was founded on innovation, professionalism and uniqueness throughout the many years of our existence we have managed to change the traditional designs of waterproofing in the market. Call us today for a full overview of our service quote.